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Nice Bristols

Ample bosums, rosy cheeks, cocky young swains and the heady whiff of manure; pastoral images of rumpypumpy abound in English literature and indeed feature in many early porn films. Rough’n’tumble short ‘La Grande Bagarre’ as seen in the beloved compilation ‘The Good Old Naughty Days’ is a prime example; such is the high-spirited rolling of …

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Miss Kitty gives us The Horn!

Fair Trade Fucking: Kitty Stryker on Ethical Porn

We here at ArtWank spend a great deal of time asking questions about blue movies, contemporary and vintage. Of course watching people get it on on video is hot and fun, but in an industry increasingly geared towards profits and shock tactics we’re not always down with what’s on offer. In fact, Ophelia Bitz started …

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